Our History

After the Perestrojka some engineers left the big state owned RER-factory (Riga Electro-Machine-Company). They founded one of the first private companies in Latvia, Egola Ltd. Egola manufactured components and electromagnetic valves for gas driven vehicles.

In 1994, Egola was approached by a Swedish based company, A tight co-operation was initiated.

The production of Egola changed to include small machinery and machine parts various European and American companies.

In 1999 Egola and the Swedish investor founded the company Production Machinery. In the same year the manufacturing was relocated to a new refurbished factory outside of Riga.

The company was once again re-organised in 2004. A new younger management was required in order to meet the high quality and efficiency demands of a growing international market.

The business continued with the new company, Industry Partner. An era of modernization and re-organisation was initiated.

More than a decade later, the company continuous the path to be committed to customer service, providing technical solutions and to be an excellent choice as your innovative partner.

Mission and Goal

Industry Partner shall through close cooperation with the customers and through deep technical knowledge provide solutions to the customers’ specific requirements.

By carefully monitoring the function and the advantages of the products, a strong customer relation is built.This focus allows added value to be created for the customer, our company and employees.

Our team

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Love and passion in every detail

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Do good – will be good

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The more you do, the more you can do

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Competence is expensive, but incompetence is even more expensive

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Do not be afraid to create something that others do not dare

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Strive for growth, not for perfection

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Do not leave a job for tomorrow what you can finish today

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