Design & development

Our motivated team of designers and project leaders are open minded to discuss design ideas and improvements.

Finally you have met a partner with whom you can discuss a problem in your manufacturing line or an improvement that’s been on hold for too long time.


Our skilled team of CNC operators are educated and have many years experience in metal machining. Small to medium size series requires fast programming and set-up. Years of practising has made us experts in this area. Browse the list of available machinery or dowload in PDF: 


It is a joy for our assembly team to be a part of the magic, when all parts from the manufacturing, together becomes a new functional creation.

Sample products

Article #: C008


Our Process


Initial discussions with the client about requirements and possibilities.


Industry Partner designers and engineers propose various solutions.


The Design team turns ideas into drawings for final approvement.


Industry Partner and the client plan the timeline for manufacturing, assembly and function control.


Industry Partner takes care of the manufacturing and Quality Assurance process.


The final product is securely packed and delivered to any address in the world.

Why Choose us?

Customized products. We focus on small series manufacturing of customized products. Customers come to Industry Partner because they have a need to discuss their projects with a reliable, professional and experienced partner.

Design services. Don’t worry if your ideas are not fully drawn up and designed yet. Our experienced team of designers will assist, complete or fully design your products according to your specifications. The combination of our design office and our modern work shop gives you a strong, reliable and flexible partner. We manufacture quality in every step of the process.

Exceptional customer care. We understand service. We consider our customer to be central in our organisation and an important person in our business. We understand that you are the reason for our existence.

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve you and we are looking forward to our next contact.

Ready to work with us?